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Alicia Thomas

Realtor & Property Manager

Alicia Thomas epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction.  Alicia grew up in the Montgomery area and started her sales habit at the age of ten, selling handmade jewelry in her neighborhood.

She made a leap of faith from managing loan companies to managing to properties. She fell in love with the real estate field while touring families in and out of rentals.  What better way to brighten a client day then to hand them the keys to their  new home.  She has continued rising in the real estate industry representing both buyers and sellers.

Alicia is passionate about the needs and goals of her clients, she specializes in bringing peace of mind to home sellers who have previously struggled with selling their homes on their own or with another agent.  She is a firm believer in giving back to the community and spends her time mentoring and educating youth.  She is a member of the local and national association of Realtors. â€‹



Jessica Wilson has been a real estate agent in Montgomery for over 6 years. 

Initially, her focus was on property management.  However, her passion for the industry has grown and Jessica is expanding her focus to sales. 

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Electia Love


Electia Jones-Love is a native of Montgomery.  She's married to Joseph Love.  They have two sons and one dog.  Electia is an accomplished realtor.

She has earned her Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees from Troy State University.  She has also earned a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership & Management from Amridge University.  Because of her level of excellence, Electia was inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success as a Presidential Member. 

As well as being a Realtor, a wife and a mother, Electia is currently serving our country in the United States Army (Reserve).  She has been in the military for over 24 years and is a Veteran of Iraq.  As an Army Reserve Soldier, Electia is an Instructor and teaches MOS, and NCOES classes. â€‹

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